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Rhinoplasty: What to Expect

At Carolina Facial Plastics, we understand that undergoing a rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a serious decision. As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, and with an expertise in rhinoplasty, my staff and I ensure that my patients are prepared for surgery and feel comfortable before undergoing the procedure.

Your Charlotte Rhinoplasty Consultation

Rhinoplasty Charlotte
I spend approximately one hour with my potential Charlotte nose job patients during the consultation process. We discuss their goals and expectations for their surgery. Once I am fully aware of their priorities and desired outcomes, I can create a surgical plan that best suites the patient.  During the consultation, I will also do imaging morphing with my patients. This is when I will take the patient’s pictures and put them on the computer screen to show the patient the ideal result. This is a great way for patients to get an idea of what the goal of the surgery would be.

During the consultation, I will discuss the surgical plan, goals, and preparation for surgery, and outline after surgery care guidelines. After I finish my consultation, my Patient Care Coordinator will meet with the potential surgical candidate to talk about scheduling and pricing.

The goal of the consult is that the patient is able to schedule surgery immediately, but often patients might want to go home to think about scheduling surgery or talk with a significant other. In this scenario, my Patient Care Coordinator is always available to talk to patients after they leave the consult and can book surgery over the phone. For those patients that might not be sure of whether they want to schedule or not, I am always happy to meet with them for a second consultation if needed. I am always also available to talk to patients via email or phone.

Once surgery is booked there are a few things that happen immediately:

  1. In order to secure a surgery date, we require a 25% deposit of the total fee.
  2. We must schedule the patient’s pre-operative visit, which is approximately two weeks before surgery.
  3. Patients will be given their pre-operative packet and medical clearance forms either the day they book surgery at their consult. Alternately, they can be emailed or mailed.
  4. Patients will need to schedule a visit with their primary care physician within 30 days of the surgical date to get medical clearance.
  5. Patients will come back to the office for their pre-operative appointment two weeks before surgery.
  6. Carolina Facial Plastics must receive the patient’s medical clearance at least one week before the patient’s surgery date.
  7. Patients will need to get all the items listed in the pre-op packet to prepare for surgery.
  8. Patients will need to pick up their prescriptions.

Why do I need medical clearance before rhinoplasty?

The most important thing is to keep my patients safe. I want to ensure that all patients are healthy before undergoing an elective procedure. This is for the patients overall well-being and health. It is also vital that patients are healthy if they are undergoing general anesthesia.

What happens during the pre-operative visit? 

At this visit, I will discuss with patients the surgical plan and the expectations for surgery. I will thoroughly discuss with patients what they need to do prior to surgery and how to care for their nose after surgery. My Patient Care Coordinator will also meet with the patients to talk about preparing for surgery. She will schedule all post-op appointments, which will take place the day following surgery, one week following surgery, and two weeks following surgery. We generally wait until the two-week appointment to schedule the one-month appointment. I will then see patients three months following surgery, six months following surgery, and one year following surgery.

Where will my surgery take place?

I generally do most of my procedures at Presbyterian Surgery Center Ballantyne. This is a fantastic outpatient surgery center with great anesthesiologist and staff. It is a small facility with only two operating rooms so there is a lot of privacy for my patients.

Will the surgery be painful?

The nose job surgery should not be that painful. I prepare patients prior to surgery so that their expectations are accurate. The anesthesiologist and I take great care during surgery to keep our patients comfortable. After surgery, patients are cared for in recovery by great nurses and staff who are also responsible for keeping then comfortable. I prescribe all patients a pain medication, which should also minimize any pain. My patients will typically only use this medication for the first 24 hours and afterwards find that they might only need Tylenol or even nothing at all!

What will happen at my first post-op visit?

I like to see all of my patients one day after surgery at my office to make sure that they are dong well. This is both reassuring for the patient and myself to know they are doing great. I will clean out the nostrils and the incisions if needed. I will also reiterate how to take care of the nose for the first week.

When will my cast and stitches come off? 

The cast will come off at the one -week follow up appointment. At this time, all sutures will also be removed.

When can I return to work?

I typically tell patients they will want to take one week off of work knowing that their cast will be on for one full week. It is then up to the patient whether or not they want to return to work immediately. Most patients feel back to themselves 5-7 days after surgery.

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My staff and myself take great pride in preparing our patients for surgery. It is of utmost importance to us that all patients are comfortable when undergoing surgery at Carolina Facial Plastics. We find that the best way to do this is by being honest with our patients and always being available if our patients have questions or concerns. If you want to schedule a consult, please call 704-323-5090.

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