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Tip Rhinoplasty

The tip is one of the most visible areas of the nose.  At Carolina Facial Plastics, we commonly have patients seeking refinement or increased definition of their nasal tip.  In this situation, they may be a great candidate for a tip rhinoplasty. This procedure involves shaping the nasal cartilages in the nasal tip to make them smaller and defined. Differing from a standard rhinoplasty, the surgery only focuses on correcting the top of the nose aesthetically and does not address function. Ultimately, the nasal tip should be proportional in terms of size and width and should blend naturally into the rest of the nose.

As a highly trained rhinoplasty surgeon and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kulbersh understands the anatomy of the nose as well as its function. With this knowledge, Dr. Kulbersh can provide his patients with a solution that is targeted and bears the desired natural results for an aesthetically pleasing tip.

Surgical Techniques for Correcting a Bulbous or Wide Nasal Tip

before afterThere are several approaches that can be taken to restore symmetry and proper shaping to the nasal tip. During an initial consultation at my office, I’ll be able to examine the patient and determine which is the best technique for their needs:

Suture Reshaping

Sutures can be placed through the cartilage in the nasal tip region of the nose to narrow the tip.   The suturing techniques I use are a variety of intradomal, interdomal, and transdomal sutures.

Cephalic Trimming

A patient with a wider, more bulbous looking nose may benefit from a cephalic trim maneuver. This involves trimming or removal of the overly prominent cartilage along the upper edge. In the process, the lower lateral cartilage is made less bulbous and the nasal tip begins to appear more defined. A cephalic trim maneuver must be done very carefully to ensure proper symmetry of the nasal tip.

In some rhinoplasty patients, a combination of these techniques may be used in order to accomplish the desired cosmetic goal. As a specialist, Dr. Kulbersh can successfully use one or a combination of these techniques to reshape your nasal tip and create a natural final result.

Cartilage Grafting

Cartilage grafting to the tip is used to support a weak tip or use to raise a drooping or flat tip.  It can also be used to increase the projection, distance of the tip from the face from the profile.

Tip Rhinoplasty FAQs

Q: What causes a round nasal tip?

A: Nasal tips that are round or ball-like have 2 common causes: large flat or weak cartilage and/or thick skin. Depending on which the patient is dealing with, Dr. Kulbersh can develop a unique plan of action to address the concerns resulting in a softer, more defined nasal tip.

Q: Can excessive cartilage in the nasal tip be removed without breaking the nose?

A: If the nasal tip is the only area of concern, breaking the nose is not a required step. Only the upper 1/3 of the nose is actual bone, the rest is cartilage. If the only thing you need is to reduce the tip, we may be able to avoid breaking any bone.

Q: How much bruising can I expect with a nasal tip procedure?

A: Tip rhinoplasty alone can often be done with little to no bruising. Bruising usually occurs from removing a large hump or narrowing the upper third of the nose. If only the tip of the nose is being addressed, there is often little to no bruising. If a patient experiences any symptoms post-op, it is usually minor discomfort at the operation site.

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If you would like to improve your nasal tip and want to understand your treatment options, we encourage you to schedule a consultation today at Carolina Facial Plastics by calling 704.323.5090. During your first appointment, Dr. Kulbersh will be able to examine your goals and needs to develop a completely customized plan of treatment to achieve your specific goals. For more information regarding the procedure and to determine your candidacy for a tip rhinoplasty in Charlotte, please contact my office today.

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