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Primary Rhinoplasty FAQ

The decision to undergo a primary rhinoplasty should be taken seriously.  I believe a well informed patient is a patient that can make the best educated decision possible.  To help my patients understand the details of a procedure, I’ve gathered some commonly asked questions.


Q: Will Rhinoplasty Affect my Singing? To correct deviated septum, will it effect a person singing?
A: Unless you are in the habit of vibrating mostly in your nasal bones when you sing, rhinoplasty should not alter your voice appreciably. If anything, your voice should sound clearer and, as you might imagine, less “nasally” as the passageway that is now being inhibited by the deviation will be clear. This is an issue you should bring up in your consultation with a facial plastic surgeon, as the answer depends partly on your anatomy and what needs to be done. I hope this helps.

Q: Do I need further tip reduction in your expert opinion?  I had primary rhinoplasty in August 2015, I still feel my nose looks long and the tip is droopy, in your opinion do you think my nose needs revision?
A: The real question is not what we think about your rhinoplasty results, but how you feel about them. The fact that you are posting about it suggests that you are not happy. In my opinion, your nose looks very good. Could the tip be less droopy? Yes. Will a revision rhinoplasty help? That depends entirely on who does it. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult facial plastic surgery to perform well, and tip revision is the most difficult part of a nose job. If the droop bothers you sufficiently to go through a revision, then please dedicate time and energy to finding a phenomenal facial plastic surgeon who has demonstrably excellent results with revision rhinoplasty and tip rhinoplasty. You may need to travel out of state to find the right expert. I hope this helps.

Q: Can Excessive Cartilage Be Removed Without Breaking the Nose? The only part of my nose I do not like is how big the tip is and how much larger it appears when I smile. I have wanted to have it fixed for 25 years, but I fear having my nose broken. I am trying to find the best plastic surgeon in Virginia—-please recommend.
A: There are situations where tip rhinoplasty would not require breaking nasal bones or cartilage. However, it is impossible to say without photos or an in-person consultation if this would apply to your case. You can use this site to find board-certified facial plastic surgeons in or around your area. Research their before-and-after photos and their testimonials. Make appointments to talk to a few in person. It may be that your tip can be fixed without addressing the rest of the nose, but it may be that you will need to reshape the entire nose to get the most aesthetically pleasing result. Consulting face-to-face with a facial plastic surgeon will answer your questions and allay your fears. I hope this helps.

Q: Round Nose and Wide Nostrils (Afro Caribbean) – Am I a Good Rhinoplasty Candidate? I have a very round nose with wide nostrils. The thing is I only want tip refinement surgery because I’m fearful that any other work will completely ruin my face. Do you think that it’s possible to have work done on my tip and perhaps even my bridge without completely changing my nostrils? Do you think a nose job is a good idea for me from what you can see or should I not bother? Oh and if I lift my head slightly you can see all the way up my nose which is very annoying.
A: From your photos, you seem to be an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty. The size of your nostrils can be reduced without changing them drastically and your tip can be refined and narrowed. Please find a facial plastic surgeon who has longstanding expertise in refining noses on people of African descent. There are differences in the quality and amount of cartilage in African and Asian v. Caucasian noses that can significantly affect surgical outcome. Be sure your surgeon has experience with this. I hope this helps.

Q: I want a perfect doll nose – help! I want it to look EXACTLY like the picture below! my profile picture is me.
A: The doll nose in the photo has tiny nostrils. This is not a nose that would look good on your face or perhaps even be functional. However, from your profile picture, it does look as if your nose could be narrowed and reshaped to get closer to your ideal while still honoring your unique anatomy and striking natural beauty. A facial plastic surgeon will give you a better idea of what is possible and realistic during your consultation. I hope this helps.

Q: Not Satisfied with my Rhinoplasty – Should Surgeon Perform Revision Free as Partially His Fault? I am not happy with my rhinoplasty and I believe that my surgeon did not give me what we spoke about. My nostrils are uneven because the left one still looks swollen and has no definition, where the right nostril turned out fine and fell into it’s proper position. So they are disproportioned. And I feel that he should perform a quick revision surgery and fix these minor issues for free. Is this something that the doctor should do because he messed up and there is noticeable scar tissue too. HELP!
A: It is difficult to give you a definitive answer without evaluating you in person or at least seeing photographs. If it is less than one year since your surgery, you still have healing to do. You cannot yet evaluate your final results or consider a revision yet. After one year, if you are still unhappy, you can discuss a revision with your facial plastic surgeon. However, some of your dissatisfaction may be related to your own healing process and anatomy – rather than surgical error – and may not be fixable. One caveat: if your unsatisfactory results are actually due to the surgeon’s error, as you suggest, a “free” revision might not be a bargain, as revision rhinoplasty demands even more expertise than the first rhinoplasty.
While I understand your frustration and your wish to avoid spending more money, if you are truly unhappy with your results after you have healed, then maybe you need to work with a different facial plastic surgeon who already has expertise in revision rhinoplasty.You need someone with superb skills. But first, give yourself that year to heal. I hope this helps.

Q: Beauty Lift High Nose: Scam or Really Works? I ran across an ad for a product called the “Beauty Lift High Nose.” They state that “If you dream of having a more beautiful and higher nose but are afraid of the plastic surgeon then the Beauty Lift High Nose might be for you. Just tick the device on your nose for about 3 minutes per day and your nose will get a more beautiful shape. The Beauty Lift High Nose is supposed to “raise” the bridge of your nose by vibrating and thus “stimulating” the nasal bon[e].”  Are you familiar with this device?  Do you think it can really work?
A: While I am not personally familiar with the “Beauty Lift High Nose,” I have seen other similar products on the market. I have never heard of one that works nor have I encountered any scientific data that backs their efficacy. It is highly unlikely that clamping a device to your nose could permanently alter its shape. Think about dental braces, for instance: It takes several years, many adjustments and a great deal of constant pressure to reposition the teeth. If a pressure device were invented that could change nose shape, it would have to be worn constantly and be adjusted at intervals, just like dental braces. The cartilage and bone also would probably return to their regular shapes once the device was removed, as these structures have physical “memory.” I doubt anyone would choose such an unsightly, uncomfortable and probably unsuccessful ordeal over surgery that takes a few hours to perform and about a year to reveal final, permanent results. If you are unhappy with your nose, please find a facial plastic surgeon who is an expert in rhinoplasty to explore your best options – including impermanent, nonsurgical alterations to the nose with dermal fillers. I hope this helps.

Q: How to Fix a Bent Nose? Hey I’m 21 years old and I have got a bent nose.. but I can’t remember breaking it when I was younger but in pictures from when I was a kid it was straight… how can I fix my nose I really hate it… I’ve been getting bullied since I was a teenager about it please help thanks.
A: I’m sorry that you’ve had to endure bullying simply because of the shape of your nose. Based on your photos, I would recommend rhinoplasty to straighten and shorten your nose as well as to raise and refine the tip to be more in harmony with the rest of your face. Surgery that only straightens the bone may be less than satisfactory as the nasal bones and cartilage have “memory” and tend to return to their original shape over time. Noses are complicated structures that take a great deal of skill to alter well and permanently. You will need to find an expert. I hope this helps.

Q: Rhinoplasty or Tip Plasty for Thinner Nose? I’m considering having a procedure to thin my nose. In the pictures, I always turn to the side because my nose looks nice from a side angle, but you can see in my front view my nose is a bit too wide. The bridge isn’t wide though (it’s straight, no bumps) and because I like my side profile I’d like to avoid having my nose broken in surgery. Would a tip-plasty help? I would just ask to make the tip thinner and make it a bit more pointed. Could tip-plasty achieve a more pleasing front view or would I need Rhinoplasty?
A: While I understand your desire to choose the most noninvasive procedure possible to refine the look of your nose, based on the photo provided you could consider a tiplastsy.  The tip is not a discrete structure; it depends on other structures — including the bridge of your nose, which seems a bit wide. The best course of action is to find a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and spend some time consulting about what you want and which procedures will be needed to create that outcome. You will need to find an expert. I hope this helps.

Q: Can my Healed Broken Crooked Nose Only be Straightened via Surgery? Hi. About 6 months ago I believe I broke my nose. There was a crack and a little swelling. It was only made a little crooked though, and since I’m young and uninsured I didn’t go to the doctor. About a month ago I fell and my nose became more crooked. On the left side it’s risen and has a bump, giving the appearance that my nose isn’t straight. My breathing isn’t affected, but I don’t want to live with the way my nose now looks. Can a doctor rebreak and straighten my nose, or is surgery only option?
A: I’m sorry that your nose has been damaged twice in just six months. Re-breaking and re-setting your nose is actually considered surgery and is a normal part of the rhinoplasty procedure. A facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in reshaping noses can take a look and advise you on your best course. I hope this helps.

Q: Large Nose and Weak Facial Structure, what are my options?  My main concern is my nose. All of my features are smaller, its large, bulbous appearance is jarring, takes up too much space. How small and shapely can I realistically expect to make it? Would the excess skin exacerbate the saggy look? I also feel like the shape of my face is overall unattractive and flat. The oval shape, diminutive cheekbones and uneven, weak jaw are what I’m most concerned about. Should I look into V-line or 2 Jaw surgery? Fat transfer or implants to my upper cheeks and jaw?
A: Rhinoplasty can help refine the shape of your nose to make it harmonize better with your features. You can use facial fillers to even out your jawline. Please work with a professional, as rhinoplasty is a very complex and delicate procedure. I hope this helps.

Q: Is there any way to reduce my nose size horizontally?  Other than that if I wanna do more than one thing like get rid of a hump, get a bit pointy sharp nose and a bit upward pointy. Is that gonna add to my cost of surgery?
A: An experienced facial plastic surgeon can reshape your nose to get rid of the hump, refine the tip and elevate it, too, if that is what you wish. The cost will vary by practitioner. I hope this helps.

Q: Will Nose Continue to Grow After Nose Job? I’m getting a nose job this Friday and my doctor didn’t really talk to me much about it. The only part I’m nervous about is if my nose will continue growing even after the surgery? I’m 15 years old.
A: We typically do not perform rhinoplasty on anyone until after their nose has already finished growing. That would be around age 14 to 16 for a girl and about age 15 for a boy. Now, as we age, our noses do sometimes appear elongated owing to the downward-pulling effect of gravity over many decades. However, they are not actually growing. I hope this helps.

Q: I have this bump in the top portion of my nose & it drives me crazy. When I run my fingers from the top of my nose down the bump or weird bone is on the left side of my nose where it narrows towards the top closer to my eyebrows. I have posted a picture but i am curious to find HOW i can get rid of it & whats the easiest way. It kind of looks bruised at times and i don’t understand it at all.
A: The bump you describe is a common problem and can be removed by a facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in rhinoplasty. It will be filed down from within the nose, which means there will be no visible scars on the outside of your nose. Rhinoplasty is a complex cosmetic surgery, so please choose your expert carefully. I hope this helps.

Q: I want to have a rhinoplasty, but I sneeze a lot and I have a runny nose (allergies) is it safe to sneeze/cough/blow my nose after rhinoplasty?
A: Blowing your nose or sneezing during the first few weeks after rhinoplasty could cause bleeding and/or swelling. You can learn to cough and sneeze with an open mouth, which can relieve some of the pressure and minimize the risk for side effects. Talk to your allergist to see if you can find a way to better control your symptoms after your procedure so that you can avoid blowing your nose. Also do let your facial plastic surgeon know what medications you are on, as they could affect the degree of bleeding, swelling, etc. I hope this helps.

Q: My Nose is Too Wide I Want my Nose To Be Pointy but with a Drooping Tip Like Middle Eastern; is this possible?
A: There are structural differences in the cartilage and skin that would make it impossible to transform an African-American nose into a Middle-Eastern type nose. However, the shape of your nose can be modified to better suit your lovely face by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty. This will be accomplished by narrowing your nostrils and refining the tip of your nose. An in-person consultation will give you a better idea of what your results will be. I hope this helps.

Q: I have a very small feminine face, however, I have a nose that looks terrible from the profile. I have a huge dorsal bump. I’m okay with how it looks in the front BUT I would like the top brought up a little bit maybe with a lip lift in conjunction. I would really like it to be slightly upturnt with ski slump so I am seeking a surgeon who isn’t afraid to do slightly aggressive work. I’m looking to get this done within the next few months.
A: Your goals to reshape your nose are realistic. When you are evaluated in person by a facial plastic surgeon, you will get a better idea of what the final results will be. A well-performed rhinoplasty will reshape your nose to better harmonize with your natural beauty. I hope this helps.

Q: My nose is very round at the tip and protrudes significantly, I do not mind the bump on the bridge but a dislike how wide my nostrils are when I smile. I’m not a massive fan of my jaw also when I smile. My skin is dry so excuse my chapped lips and I was recently bitten by a mosquito so excuse the redness. I am in my 20s so my face has stopped growing but as you can see my appearance without make up is very young.
A: You can certainly improve the shape of your nose and nose tip with a well-performed rhinoplasty. Reshaping the tip is common during a rhinoplasty.  Imaging morphing is a valuable tool to communicate with your surgeon.  I hope this helps.

Q: I had a rhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum and make my nose less bulbous. Now I feel like one side of my nostril is noticeably higher than the other, making it look asymmetrical and twisted. Is corrective surgery possible?
A: If it has been less than one year since your rhinoplasty, your nose might still be recovering and you should not yet judge your final results. If it has been more than one year, then revision rhinoplasty is your best option to improve the asymmetry. You will likely need cartilage grafting or reposition of cartilage to improve the nasal symmetry.  You will need to find a facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in revision rhinoplasty, as this is a intricate procedure. I hope this helps.

Q: What kind of nose surgery is recommended for my crooked nose? I wasn’t born with a crooked nose, so I’m looking into getting surgery to correct my nose. Just wondering what kind of nose surgery will be needed to have a straight nose?
A: You look as if you would be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty,  There are many causes of a crooked nose and a full evaluation will help to explain what steps you would need to take.  You likely have a deviated septum that is contributing to the crookedness of your nose that will need to be straightened.  Rhinoplasty is a very intricate and detailed oriented procedure.  I hope this helps.

Q: Is there corrective surgery for a twisted/asymmetrical nose like this?

A: If it has been less than one year since your rhinoplasty, your nose might still be recovering and you should not yet judge your final results. If it has been more than one year, then revision rhinoplasty is your best option to improve the asymmetry. You will likely need cartilage grafting or reposition of cartilage to improve the nasal symmetry.  You will need to find a facial plastic surgeon who has expertise in revision rhinoplasty, as this is a intricate procedure. I hope this helps.

Q: What kind of nose surgery is recommended for my crooked nose?
A: You look as if you would be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty,  There are many causes of a crooked nose and a full evaluation will help to explain what steps you would need to take.  You likely have a deviated septum that is contributing to the crookedness of your nose that will need to be straightened.  Rhinoplasty is a very intricate and detailed oriented procedure.  I hope this helps.

Q: How to Fix Hereditary Crooked Nose?
Is there any way to fix a hereditary crooked nose? I know it’s hereditary because my mom’s nose is exactly the same, but she can put makeup and play with the shadows. It’s like the bone on the bottom because it seems like the bone on one side is bigger and one side smaller, so like my whole nose is crooked.
A: A crooked nose is a common indication for a rhinoplasty. In reviewing your pictures, you have crooked nasal bones and cartilage.  Both bone and cartilage are manipulated during a rhinoplasty to straighten the nose.  Please consult with several facial plastic surgeons before settling on the best one to help you. I hope this helps.

Q: I got kicked in the nose when I was 16 and it healed crooked. What Can I Do About my Crooked Nose?
When I was 16, I got headbutted horse-playing around and I had to push my nose back into place because it was crooked. The doctor said it was not broken–just swollen; but after swelling went down it started to heal crooked. It seems to be push to one side more than the other. What can I do?
A: The asymmetry of your nose should improve greatly with rhinoplasty. This will require breaking and resetting the bone and cartilage grafting.  It is likely you have a deviated septum that will need to be straightened to get the best results.   You could consider a non-surgical rhinoplasty to camouflage the crookedness of the nose.  It would be a good temporary option.I hope this helps.

Q: Will more feminine nose work on a face with dominant features? Does changing the centerpiece mean changing everything? I have always wanted a smaller, more feminine nose…but my husband has stated that changing my nose in any way would throw the symmetry in my face. Can I make my nose less dominant (remove the small bump, trim, reduce its profile and my nostrils, etc.)? Will my face still “make sense” or will changing my nose (making it more feminine) cause my face and other features too appear “off”? Does changing my nose mean a series of other surgeries (that I do not want)? Thank you for your expertise!
A: The purpose of rhinoplasty or any well-performed and thoughtful plastic surgery is to enhance the face as is, creating a more balanced and harmonious look. The result should be natural and should work with your face, not against it. There are a number of changes that can be made to your nose while maintaining the beautiful strength of your natural features. Other surgeries should not be necessary to keep your face in balance with your new nose. I hope this helps.

Q: The tip of my nose has a roundEd look is it possible to reduce the size of skin at the top of my nose tip?
A: Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgeries to perform, mostly because the tip of the nose is a highly complex, multi-planed structure. To revise the tip of your nose to make it more pointed and defined, you need to spend time finding a facial plastic surgeon with specialized training in facial aesthetics and long experience with tip rhinoplasty. I hope this helps.

Q: It has been pointed out to me that my nose slants towards one side noticeably – I have noticed it before but considering I have some asymmetry anyway and my nose is quite small I thought it wouldn’t be possible to fix. But I know noses are never perfectly straight anyway – is this something that could be improved or with this type of straightening is it better to leave it if the outcome is unpredictable after – i.e cartilage memory and nose was never straight before

A: While many people think of rhinoplasty merely as a means of shortening an overly large nose, it can be used to resolve a number of aesthetic issues, including a slanting nose. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to create a nose that is symmetrical and works in harmony with your natural beauty. If you are troubled by a nose that looks off center, rhinoplasty may be the right decision for you. I hope this helps.


Q: What is the typical rhinoplasty recovery like?  What can I expect?  How long after a nose job does it take to heal and how long before you can go back to work, the swelling goes down, etc?

A: Rhinoplasty is is a surgical procedure and therefore the body requires time to heal and adjust until the final results can be seen. To facilitate a quicker recovery, I recommend taking herbal supplements such as Arnica Forte and Bromelin, which helps prevent swelling and bruising after surgery. I also recommend discontinuing blood-thinning agents, such as aspirin, alcohol, fish oil and multivitamins, for weeks before the surgery and several weeks afterward.

Postoperative pain is usually not severe and can be controlled in most instances with over-the-counter painkillers. One week after surgery, the stitches are removed. Some patients may elect to return to work and light activities at this time. Others wait another week. You can begin exercising lightly after 2 weeks and wear glasses at 6 weeks.

You will be able to estimate your end results at the one-month mark. After a year, all swelling should have subsided, and you will be able to see how beautifully your new nose harmonizes with the rest of your facial features.

Q: Removing Nose Bump Without Breaking the Nose? I am 20 years old and I have always felt insecure about the bump on my nose. I have been reading a lot about Nose surgery and I have heard people just getting it filed down without having to break the nose. What is this called? What is the procedure? And what are the estimated costs?
A: Every nose and every face is different. Although some patients have a small enough bump on their nose that it can be filed down, how I treat the nose depends on what will look best on the patient, not what is easiest. I hope this helps.

Q: I have had the worst rhinoplasty i could possibly had. I am a 20 year old male who had a medium long attractive nose. And considered by most to be very good looking. Then i had made the stupidest decision under-going rhinoplasty (for small bump) and septoplasty.  Now my nose is sooo small,no bridge and very big nostrils. I have been waiting for revision rhinoplasty 4 7 months and can’t wait any longer. I haven’t seen any of my friends for six months,i have been hiding and travelling far from home to work. And life is really hard. Researching rhinoplasty i haven’t even seen any good nose work And i am really concerned. And i am very desperate and worked hard to save up day and night.
A: First, I am sorry that you are unhappy with the outcome of your rhinoplasty. The nose is the central feature of the face, and it is important that you feel confident about how it looks. Rhinoplasty is a very complex surgery owing to the nuanced three-dimensionality of the nose. Postoperatively, it takes up to a year for swelling to subside completely and the real results of the surgery to be apparent. Please allow yourself sufficient time to heal before undertaking another procedure. In the meantime, you can research the best surgeon possible for any revisions you may need so that you will be happy with the outcome. I hope this helps.

Q: I Have A Wide, Flat Nose. Can It Be Changed? I have been very unhappy with my nose for several years now and have wanted rhinoplasty for about a year and a half. I don’t want just a thinner nose, I want it to be completely different. Thinner and instead of being flat I would like it to have a point to it. With that being said, because my nose is so wide and big, is it going to be harder and more dangerous for me to get rhinoplasty? Will the recovery process take longer?
A: African-American rhinoplasty is a subspecialty that requires extra care, training and expertise. To give your nose more definition and make it look less flat, the surgeon will take cartilage from another area of your body, such as:

  1. The nasal septum
  2. The ear
  3. A rib

This would be used to build up your nasal bridge and support reconstruction of the nose so that the improvements obtained during surgery would be maintained throughout your lifetime. During your rhinoplasty procedure, the tip of the nose would be reshaped to give it more of the “point” that you desire. This is done by bring the tip of your nose out farther from the face, thinning the nasal skin, and reshaping the nasal tip cartilages.  The nasal bones and width of the nostrils are wide.  They will be made slimmer with nasal osteotomies and alar base reduction.  Rhinoplasty should improve the shape of your nose while preserving its unique ethnic qualities and keeping it in harmony with the rest of your face.

Q: What is the Ideal Age for a Rhinoplasty? What would be the ideal age to get a Rhinoplasty? I’m 15 and really looking forward to getting a nose job done, and have many friends who got one and had good results. I’m not sure if I should have it done now.
A: The golden rule for rhinoplasty is to be sure that the patient has reached full physical growth. That may be anywhere from 15 to 17 for a girl and 16 to 18 for a boy. However, it can vary from case to case, as people develop at different rates. In addition, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon will also want to evaluate you psychologically. Surgically altering your nose is a permanent change and cannot be reversed. I would want to make sure that this is something you are doing for yourself and your own sense of aesthetics, rather than through peer pressure or because you are hoping to reach an unrealistic ideal.
Because my training focuses on creating a more harmonious face that accentuates your natural beauty, I always meet with patients of all ages for an in-depth consultation so that they understand the full implications of the procedure, develop realistic expectations for outcome, and are happy with the results.
I hope this helps.

Q: How Do Noses Change Shape? Hi I’m 24 years old and I wanted a nose job for ever. I’m a thin and short person everyone tell me that my nose appears to be to big for my face because of the shape and size of my face. Will my nose change if I gan weight with or without rhinoplasty? Any help or advice you can give will be great!:) thanks
A: While the proportions of your face may change if you gain weight and that might create the illusion that your nose is smaller, noses do not change shape with weight gain or loss as they do not contain fat tissue. If you feel that your nose is disproportionate to your face, it might be that you need augmentation in another area – such as the chin – to balance out the length of your nose. Or, it could be that rhinoplasty is your best solution.
I hope this helps

Web Reference:

Q: Can a Bulbous Nose Be Reduced Without Looking Weird or Changing Your Look
A: The nose is the center of the face but should not distract from other features. During rhinoplasty, a bulbous nose will be subtly reshaped so that your face appears more harmonious, but you should still look like yourself. Plastic surgery should bring out your natural beauty, not work against it. A rhinoplasty should make a great improvement of your nose.  I believe taking this approach results in a natural result.

Q: Can a bulbous nose be reduced without looking weird or changing your look?
A: Absolutely, as long as you visit an experienced, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with an understanding of how to make subtle changes in order to create a natural, harmonious look. The goal of a nose job is not to create an entirely different nose, but rather to refine the patient’s current nose into something that balances well with the rest of their facial features in order to create a natural, attractive appearance. I hope this helps.

Q: I had a rhinoplasty several days ago, and recently I noticed that the tip of my nose is very elevated and doesn’t look natural. Will it drop? When can I expect it to look right?
A: It is common following rhinoplasty surgery for the tip to look elevated. Be patient and wait for the swelling to go down and the tip to settle into place before judging your results. You should be able to see initial results around 3 months, while final results may take up to a year. I hope this helps.

Q: The front of my nose looks bulbous and rounder than desired 8 days after rhinoplasty. Is this normal swelling or is it botched?
A: 8 days after surgery, it is common for the nose to be very swollen. You should not judge your final results so soon. It is common for the tip to be the most swollen and take the longest to heal.  You will begin to see an improvement in your nose over the next couple of weeks.  Keep in mind that it may take up to a year to see 100% of the swelling disappear. I hope this helps.

Q: Is it ok for a 19 year old girl to have rhinoplasty?
A: As long as you are psychologically prepared for the surgery, have good reasons to want it, and are either over the legal age of majority in your country or have parental permission, then it is fine to have a nose job at 19 years old. I have performed rhinoplasty procedures on girls as young as 14 who met all the requirements and were good candidates. Please see a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for a consultation before deciding to embark upon this surgery. I hope this helps.

Q: Does “Nose Up” work? It’s a silicone nose shaping grip that’s supposed to lift the tip a little.
A: These types of devices do not work to change the shape of the nose long-term, as they do not impact the underlying anatomy of the nose. If you want to change the shape of your nose tip, a rhinoplasty procedure is the best way to do it. Tip rhinoplasty is a fairly short procedure, nor does it require the nose to be broken to undergo the procedure. I recommend seeing a board-certified facial plastic surgeon for a consultation rather than spending money on devices such as “Nose Up.” I hope this helps.

Q: Do noses change change shape with weight gain?
A: The nose does not change shape or size at all due to weight gain. Significant weight gain can change the appearance of facial features, which may impact how you see your nose, but the nose itself will not change. The only way to change the appearance of a nose after it has stopped growing is through surgery. Temporary fillers can also be used to create a new nose shape, although these do not change the underlying structure of the nose and cannot be used to make the nose smaller. I hope this helps.

Q: I’m 2 weeks post rhinoplasty, and while I was pleased with my results when the bandage was removed 5 days ago, now it seems like my nose is larger and no one can tell the difference. Should I be concerned?
A: Two weeks after a rhinoplasty, it is very common to still have some swelling. Swelling following a rhinoplasty can last for several months, with the last 10% of swelling sometimes remaining for up to a year. Since you are still so early into your healing process, there is no reason to be concerned. Be patient and wait for the swelling to go down, and you will likely be pleased with the results. Do not expect everyone to notice your new nose, especially if you didn’t tell them about it; rather concentrate on your healing process. I hope this helps.

Q: Can I still get a rhinoplasty if I have hay fever?
A: While it is possible to have rhinoplasty surgery done while suffering from hay fever, I would recommend trying to get your allergies under control before having it done simply for the sake of comfort and better healing. Find a good board-certified ENT or allergist who can help you with managing your allergy symptoms, then proceed with your rhinoplasty. Good luck.

Q: Should you use the same surgeon for different procedures, i.e. rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty?
A: As long as your surgeon is sufficiently skilled and experienced in both procedures, there is no reason not to have your surgeries done by the same person, especially if they are both facial procedures. I personally perform both rhinoplasties and blepharoplasties at my practice regularly. If you were looking to have, for instance, a nose job and a breast lift, however, I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon for the nose job and a general plastic surgeon for the breast lift. This is because facial plastic surgeons tend to have more experience and skill in facial procedures, while general plastic surgeons usually perform many more body procedures than facial procedures. I hope this helps.

Q: How long does swelling last after a rhinoplasty? It’s been about 3 weeks, and while I liked my result immediately after the cast and tape was removed, it’s now very swollen and I’m a bit worried.
A: Swelling after a rhinoplasty is completely normal. The majority of swelling dissipates within the first 3 to 4 months, and it can take up to a year for the entirety of the swelling to resolve.  Swelling may take longer to resolve in patients that have thick skin or undergoing a revision rhinoplasty. The best thing to do is to be patient and follow up with your surgeon as necessary. I hope this helps.

Q: Does a rhinoplasty leave any scars?
A: Anytime an incision is made on the skin, a scar forms.  The goal of a facial plastic surgeon is to ensure that the scar heals as best as possible.  It is common that the incision heals so well that the scar is difficult to see.  The incisions are also placed in areas that are well hidden.  Most incisions during a surgery are placed inside of the nose.  During an open rhinoplasty, a small incision is made on the skin between the nostrils, the columella.  When a patient requires narrowing of the nostrils, there will be incisions placed on the side of the nose in the crease where the nose meets the cheek.

Q: What is a rhinoplasty?
A: A rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that aims to redefine and reshape a patient’s nose, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced appearance.

Q: What are the risks associated with rhinoplasty?
A: As with all surgical procedures, this does have some risks associated with it, including infections, bleeding, septal perforation, and nasal irregularities to name a few.  During your pre-operative appointment, I will go over the entire laundry list of possible complications.

Q: How long will my procedure take to complete?
A: The length of your surgery depends on several factors, including the type of rhinoplasty you’re undergoing and what your ultimate goal is. On average, a procedure can last anywhere between 3-5.5 hours.

Q: How long will it take to see my final results from a rhinoplasty?
A: A good estimation of the final result can be seen about 3 weeks after surgery.  At that time, the nose will still be swollen and it will continue to improve over 1 year.  The final result will be appreciated approximately 1 year after surgery.  All patients are unique, so recovery and healing can vary.

Q: Who is a good candidate for a rhinoplasty in Charlotte?
A: A good candidate to undergo a surgery in Charlotte is a person who is in good health and who wishes to improve the appearance and/or breathing of the nose.

Q: What if I’m unhappy with the results of my rhinoplasty?
A: If you’re unhappy with the results of your rhinoplasty, you can undergo a revision rhinoplasty. During a revision, I can sculpt the nose into a better shape and improve breathing.

Q: What can I expect during my rhinoplasty consultation?
A: During your initial rhinoplasty consultation, you will meet with the patient care coordinator who will obtain some basic health information.  You will then meet with me and we will go over your goals and concerns.  I will examine your nose and then take pictures of your nose.  We will undergo imaging morphing of your nose in order for us to communicate over the procedure and the possible results.  At the end, my patient care coordinator will meet with you, and give you a quote for the procedure.  She will also be there to schedule the surgery if the patient would like to proceed.

Q: What is recovery after a rhinoplasty like?
A: For the first week after surgery, the nose has a splint on the outside and the patient will have swelling and bruising.  The first week after surgery, the patient will need to take it easy.  During the second week, if bruising occurred, it will dissipate and the patient can get back to normal like.  Strenuous activity can begin at 4-6 weeks after surgery

Q:  When can I wear glassed after a rhinoplasty?
A: Glasses can be worn 6 weeks after a nose job.

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