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Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh Now Offering New Restylane® Refyne and Defyne

February 6, 2017

Swiss pharmaceutical company Galderma announced that the FDA had approved its two newest products, Restylane® Refyne and Restylane® Defyne. The gels, manufactured with the innovative XspresHAn Technology, are designed to correct moderate to severe facial lines, deep folds, and wrinkles. The new fillers are now available at Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, which is founded and directed by facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh.

“Carolina Facial Plastics is honored to provide our patients with Restylane®’s newest hyaluronic acid dermal fillers,” said Dr. Kulbersh. “The Restylane® line is one of our most popular dermal filler options, so these new additions are expected to be very popular. They are designed to address laugh lines, lip augmentation, and enhance the natural facial features by adding volume to the face.”

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Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh Discusses Growing Trend in Plastic Surgery for People Over 65 Years Old

January 6, 2017

Founder and director of Carolina Facial Plastics Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh is a renowned expert at helping patients of all ages achieve natural-looking facial rejuvenation and reconstruction. Specializing in procedures such as rhinoplasty, facial injectables, facelift, and eye surgery, Dr. Kulbersh has firsthand experience with the growing trend among older Americans, at least 65 years and older, undergoing cosmetic procedures to regain a more youthful appearance. The Washington Post reports that the number of people ages 65 and older undergoing facelifts and eyelid treatments has more than doubled in just the past 20 years.

“The number of people getting plastic surgery or minimally invasive treatments, such as injectables or Botox, has grown dramatically across the board in the U.S. and internationally,” said North Carolina facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kulbersh. “But there’s been a definite increase among older patients because the idea of cosmetic surgery has become more socially acceptable and the procedures more affordable. It’s not surprising that individuals in their 60s or older also want to enjoy the benefits of modern cosmetic procedures.”

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Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh Discusses the Rise In Men Undergoing Plastic Surgery

October 7, 2016

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as detailed in a Fox 59 report on September 19, approximately 10% of plastic surgery procedures in the past year were performed on men. That is a 325% increase in cosmetic procedures performed on men since 1997. As the years have passed, many have wondered why men now seek out the same procedures as their wives and daughters.

“I think that as the stigma behind plastic surgery has faded, technology has improved, and results have become more natural, men started to realize that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures were never just for women,” said Dr. Kulbersh.

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Brazilian Olympics Highlight Plastic Surgery’s Growing Popularity Worldwide

September 21, 2016

Watching the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, it was evident that the cosmetic surgery industry plays a major role in Brazil’s national identity, according to a recent Forbes article. The country’s pioneer in plastic surgery, the late Ivo Pitanguy, was picked to help carry the Olympic torch to the stadium, an honor reserved for highly influential people in Brazil’s past and future. As a preeminent facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh discusses the plastic surgery powerhouse and how it measures up to the United States.

“There’s no doubt that Brazil is strongly associated with the plastic surgery industry,” said Dr. Kulbersh. “For example, Ivo Pitanguy not only invented the “Brazilian butt lift,” but also trained thousands of plastic surgeons from around the world throughout his impressive career. As the second country in the world with the highest total number of cosmetic surgical procedures just last year, it’s clear that cosmetic procedures have become incredibly popular and socially accepted in Brazil and the U.S.”

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Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh of Carolina Facial Plastics Announces Sponsorship of Miss North Carolina

May 7, 2014

Miss North Carolina US, Elizabeth Safrit, has the brains, beauty and charisma to win the coveted Miss United States crown, but she isn’t taking any chances: she has joined forces with Charlotte-based Carolina Facial Plastics to ensure that she will be pageant-ready.

“I have gotten to know Elizabeth well over the past couple of years. She is an intelligent and dynamic young woman who just graduated from University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science,” said expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh, Founder and Director of Carolina Facial Plastics. “Between college, interviewing for jobs, the pageants and her work advocating Rock the Vote, she maintains a busy schedule. She needs a dedicated facial plastic surgeon to ensure she’s ready for Miss United States.”

Elizabeth is grateful for Dr. Kulbersh’s sponsorship, which will help her continue to encourage young Americans to vote as she prepares for the Miss United States competition.

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Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon in North Carolina Announces Launch of New Rhinoplasty Website

May 16, 2013

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website,, which is exclusively focused on providing patients with information in regards to the most advanced treatments in rhinoplasty surgery. The website features a plethora of guidance and detail to help both potential and returning patients learn about undergoing a cosmetic rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and surgery to improve breathing.

“I have a passion for rhinoplasty and nasal procedures. Improving breathing through the nose and creating a nose that “fits the face” can have such a positive impact on my patient’s lives. As a part of my medical training, I completed a facial plastic surgery fellowship with the most renowned rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly HIlls. I’m very excited that the new site will help patients learn how I can bring them a natural and balanced nose without looking like they’ve undergone surgery,” said expert rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Kulbersh.

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Expert Facial Paralysis Surgeon Jonathan Kulbersh, MD, Brings World-Renowned Treatments To Patients in Charlotte

January 21, 2013

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD, a Beverly Hills trained facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Charlotte, says that using non-invasive treatment methods, including Botox and facial fillers, to treat patients suffering from Bell’s palsy and synkinesis are among the best methods for improving facial symmetry. As one of Charlotte’s only doctor’s with a unique specialization in facial paralysis as well as facial plastic surgery, Dr. Kulbersh understands the importance of using combination methods to diminish the appearance of facial paralysis.

“Over the course of my career, I’ve come to find that Botox is one of the best treatments for people suffering from Bell’s palsy who did not get a full recovery,” said Dr. Kulbersh.

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Beverly Hills Trained Facial Plastic Surgeon Says New Needleless Injection Technique Improve Results For Non-Surgical Eyelifts

November 9, 2012

Facial plastic surgeon Jonathan Kulbersh, MD, trained in Beverly Hills, performs non-invasive eyelifts for patients with the use of dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane. Now, with the use of the new blunt-tip cannula, results have been significantly improved for patients.

Dr. Kulbersh of Carolina Facial Plastics PLLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, says that new blunt-tip cannulas, instead of the old technique of needle injections, are offering patients a quicker recovery time after treatment.

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A Little Bit Of Hollywood Arrives In Queen City

May 23, 2012

With extensive Hollywood training from the best in Beverly Hills, CA, Jonathan Kulbersh M.D. is returning to his homeland area of the Carolinas. Dr. Kulbersh will be starting a new plastic surgery practice that treats only conditions of the face, Carolina Facial Plastics with an office in Charlotte, NC. There will be a future office in his hometown of Columbia, SC. The sole focus of his training and his practice lies in the head and neck, the most visible and communicable areas of the body. His aesthetic principle relies on enhancing ones natural beauty by creating a more proportional face to produce harmonious and natural results.

Dr. Kulbersh’s office will be in the same building as renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Broome, providing his patients with an ideal opportunity to receive custom-tailored procedures that practically utilize the expertise of both doctors.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Opens Practice in Charlotte

May 9, 2012

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD, is one of the country’s leading experts in plastic and reconstructive facial surgery, and is now bringing his skills and techniques to Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Kulbersh trained in the most competitive facial plastic surgery market in the world, and perfected his skills as a surgeon while being mentored by two of the most renowned surgeons in the industry, Paul Nassif, MD, FACS, and Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS.

“After having completed extensive training with some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, I immediately knew I wanted to bring my skills and approach back home to the Carolinas, where I am now operating a brand-new state-of-the-art facial plastics office in Charlotte,” says Dr. Kulbersh.

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Beverly Hills-Trained Plastic Surgeon to Open New Practice in Charlotte

May 9, 2012

After completing extensive training from some of the world’s best and most renowned plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh is returning to the Carolinas to open a new, state-of-the-art Carolina Facial Plastics office in Charlotte, NC, with plans for a future office in his hometown of Columbia, SC. His practice will focus on the most innovative and precise facial techniques, and will approach every surgery based on a belief in subtle, harmonious and natural facial rejuvenation.

“My time in Beverly Hills allowed me to perfect my skills as a surgeon while being mentored and learning from two of the most skilled surgeons in the world, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Azizzadeh”, said Kulbersh.

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