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Nasal Obstruction Surgery FAQ

When a patient is considering sinus surgery to relieve their nasal obstruction, patients commonly have a variety of questions and concerns.  I encourage my patient to ask all of their questions before undergoing a procedure. Below are some of the most common FAQ’s regarding  nasal obstruction surgery.

If you have additional questions about your potential surgery, don’t hesitate to contact my office to learn more about the procedure.

Q: What causes nasal obstruction?
A: Nasal obstruction can be caused by both medical issues and structural problems with the nose.  The medical issues commonly include allergies, nasal polyps, chronic sinusitis, or frequent use of Afrin.  This is best treated with medications.  Structural causes are commonly a deviated septum, nasal septal perforation, nasal polyps, bony spurs inside of the nose, or a narrow nasal valve.  It is important during my consultation to identify both the medical and structural causes of obstruction and treat both causes.

Q: How do you correct a collapsing nose after a previous surgery?
A: To improve breathing due to a collapsing nose, it’s almost always necessary to perform a revision rhinoplasty and use cartilage to rebuild and support the nose. Cartilage will help support your new nose much like the foundation of a house. Learn more about revision rhinoplasty at Carolina Facial Plastics here.

Q: What if I’m suffering from bony spurs—what are my options?
A: Bony spurs and nasal polyps often impair breathing because they cause nasal obstruction. However, they can be corrected through septoplasty surgery, in which I’ll remove them from the inside of the nose with a small chisel. This particular procedure doesn’t have a great deal of down time and allows the patient to see an immediate result in their breathing.

Q: What is nasal septal perforation?
A: A septal perforation is a hole in the septum, which alters the normal flow of air in the nose creating turbulence.  This turbulence can create a feeling of nasal obstruction.  A septal perforation can also cause crusting, bleeding, foul odor, and a whistling sound in the nose.  A person’s quality of breathing can also create a feeling of nasal obstruction.

Q: How is a septal perforation corrected?
A: Depending on the cause of the perforation, I will attempt to use the most advanced and minimally invasive technique possible, involving sprays and the use of a small button, which can block the hole. There are times when surgery will be recommended to repair the septal perforation.  If the perforation is a result of an autoimmune disease, you will be referred to a specialist who can assist you further.

Q: How do I know if I need nasal obstruction or sinus surgery?
A: During your initial consultation with myself in Charlotte, we’ll be able to determine the best course of action that will improve your breathing. Through an examination and possibly a CT scan, I’ll be able to determine what exactly is causing your nasal obstruction, and then can develop a unique plan to help you overcome your issue with surgery.

Q: What is the cost of septoplasty?
A: It’s difficult to put a price on your procedure. It is a good idea to speak with your insurance company to distinguish whether or not they will be help with the cost or cover the cost of your procedure.  I am an out-of-network provider so you would need to ask what benefits you have for an out-of-network provider.

Q: Can I undergo sinus surgery and rhinoplasty at the same time?
A: Yes, it is common to undergo both procedures together. Though a rhinoplasty can help improve breathing to get the best results, a septoplasty and/or turbinate reduction should be completed at the same time. It has the added benefit of have 1 recovery for multiple procedures.

Q:  Who should perform nasal obstruction or sinus surgery surgery?
A:  Ideally, you should seek a surgeon who has a high level of knowledge of both the function and aesthetic appearance of the nose. Because experts in Beverly Hills trained me, I’m able to bring my patients optimal results that will not only make them breath better, but also feel better about their appearance.

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Undergoing nasal obstruction surgery or sinus surgery to improve breathing and the overall function of your nose can bring a huge amount of relief and improvement to your life, not to mention your nose. If you’d like to learn more about the different ways I perform nasal obstruction surgery for patients at my office in Charlotte, I encourage you to contact Carolina Facial Plastics today by calling (704) 908-3063 to schedule your initial consultation. As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, it is my ultimate goal to bring only the best results possible to my patients.

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