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Ethnic Rhinoplasty CharlotteWhen it comes to a rhinoplasty, there are differences between Caucasian and Non-Caucasian or ethnic noses. As an experienced ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon who commonly performs these procedures, Dr. Kulbersh knows the techniques to create an ideal result in a caucasian nose will not create the ideal result in an ethnic nose.

Dr. Kulbersh has practiced and trained in the epicenter of ethnic rhinoplasty, Beverly Hills.  He has had exposure to patients from around the world.  He feels fortunate for this opportunity as this allowed him to gain insight into the surgical techniques needed for achieving culturally-specific results. His approach is tailored to each patient and he carefully takes into consideration his or her ethnic background. He is able to provide unique techniques for Hispanic, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern and Indian patients.

Facial Differences Amongst Ethnicities

While each nose is unique, there are a few trends that exist in an ethnic nose.  Some of the unique features of an ethnic nose include:

  • Thickness of the skin can vary significantly by ethnicity.  Typically, ethnic noses tend to have thicker skin.
  • Angle at which the nose projects from the skull, referred to as the radix or root, varies among different ethnic groups.  A wide angle will create a shorter nose while a small angle creates a larger nose.
  • Nasal bridge, or top part of the nose, can vary in size, proportion, and angle
  • Tip, or end of the nose, can differ in size, shape, and proportion
  • Base and nostrils may vary in angle, thickness, and shape
  • Nasolabial junction, where the base of the nose meets the upper lip, is typically different among different ethnic groups
  • Maxilla, or the upper jaw that connects to the nose, can vary in size, shape, and placement

Instead of using traditional methods that have historically catered to primarily Caucasian facial profiles, Dr. Kulbersh has developed a broad range of options to help address the concerns of different backgrounds.  Every procedure he undertakes is tailor-made for the individual patient.

What Is The Goal of Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery

Example of open rhinoplasty technique

The primary goal of ethnic nose surgery is to create a nose that is in harmony with the rest of the face and respects the patient’s ethnicity.  Dr. Kulbersh believes a beautiful nose should blend in with the rest of the face.  This allows others to focus on the other beautiful features of the face, the eyes, smile, and skin.

Patients look to improve the appearance of their nose in a variety of ways, including:

  • Nasal bridge augmentation
  • Narrowing and reshaping of the nostrils
  • Removal of humps and depressions
  • Increased definition of the tip

The Process: Creating the Right Look

When you decide you are ready to have a rhinoplasty, it’s important to find a surgeon who can create a harmonious, balanced look for your face.

During your consultation, Dr. Kulbersh will listen to your specific goals for your surgery regarding both the aesthetics and breathing of the nose.  After a careful nasal and facial exam, Dr. Kulbersh will give the patient insights on his thoughts on the nose.  After a lengthy discussion, Dr. Kulbersh will use a  state of the art imaging morphing program on the computer that will allow accurate communication so both Dr. Kulbersh and the patient can understand the goals of the surgery.  All noses are unique, and with Dr. Kulbersh’s knowledge of different ethnic facial features and advanced surgical techniques, he can provide  patients with the best opportunity for a wonderful result.

To see before and after photos of an ethnic rhinoplasty procedure, please visit our photo gallery.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty FAQs

North Carolina Ethnic RhinoplastyQ: What are the benefits of ethnic rhinoplasty?

A: A procedure benefits patients who want to improve the shape or size of their nose without losing their cultural identity. Dr. Kulbersh’s detailed and comprehensive approach to rhinoplasty for ethnic patients provides them with results that are tailored to their unique cultural ideals of beauty. Dr. Kulbersh makes sure to preserve the identity of  patients by listening to their ultimate goals to create a nose that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Q: How does ethnic rhinoplasty differ from a standard rhinoplasty procedure?

A: Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a unique set of surgical skills and an individualistic point of view of beauty across many cultures. Whatever you’re correcting, be it a wide nose or a dorsal hump, your surgeon must respect the distinct features in different ethnic faces and yet attain a significant improvement in the nose and facial harmony. As a facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Kulbersh is comfortable performing procedures on patients of Hispanic, African American, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Indian descent.

Q: How much recovery time is needed after ethic rhinoplasty surgery?

A: Expect to recover from your ethnic rhinoplasty surgery for about 1-2 weeks. A splint is worn on the nose, which will be removed after a week. Most patients are able to return to work or their daily activities, within moderation, 7-10 days after surgery. It can take up to 12 – 18 months for all of the swelling to go away completely before seeing the final results of your rhinoplasty.

Learn More About Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Undergoing a rhinoplasty in Charlotte can help patients achieve an ideal nasal look that they’ve been seeking, and as the best ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Kulbersh strives to produce the best results possible while maintaining cultural identity during a surgery. If you would like to meet with  a board-certified head and neck surgeon with fellowship training in facial plastic surgery, contact the Charlotte office at 704.323.5090 for a consultation. During this time, Dr. Kulbersh will be able to assess patients’ needs while developing a customized treatment plan capable of producing  goals.

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